It is the policy of Old MacDonald’s Child Care that fee accounts are be paid on your child’s first day of attendance each week and up to date at all times. The below fees are charged daily per room.

6 weeks- 2 years 2 years- 3 years 3 years- 5 years
$136.50 $126.50 $117.00

Fees will be charged to your account from the first day of attendance. Child Care Subsidy cannot be claimed if your child is absent from care on their first or last days of attendances. To receive Child Care Subsidy, you MUST register your child with the Department of Human Services- Centrelink. This means calling 13 61 50 or clicking on the link below.

Enrolment Fee

  • A $70 per child non-refundable enrolment fee is required when a completed enrolment form is returned to Old MacDonald’s Child Care (OMCC). As a part of the enrolment fee, each child will be issued with a hat and an Old MacDonald’s t-shirt.
  • A $30 per family non-refundable re-enrolment fee is required when returning your annual an enrolment continuation form.


  • The Bond is charged when a completed enrolment form is returned. Bonds are calculated based on fees equal to two weeks of attendances at full fees. Adjustments will be made when increasing or decreasing permanent attendances and when fees are increased.


For more information about the Child Care Rebate and Child Care Benefit, please visit
Click here to submit your claim for Child Care Benefit through the Family Assistance Office.