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21 everyday occasions when you can include play – Kidspot

safe_image‘Struggling to find time to sit and play with your child? This article shares 21 ways you can include play in everyday occasions.

Do you struggle to find time to sit and play with your child? You’re not alone. Dr Katie Heathershaw suggests easy ways to build play into the daily grind.

Nutrition Australia

safe_image.phpIt will be National Nutrition Week 11-17th of October! Go to for more information on healthy eating.

Nutrition Australia is an independent, member organisation that aims to promote the health and well-being of all Australians.

Home – Let’s Read

safe_image2Looking to help your child learn to read? Let’s Read is an exciting initiative to promote reading with young children from birth to five years. Let’s Read aims to give children the skills they will need to learn to read when they start school.

Let’s Read is an exciting initiative to promote reading with young children from birth to five years. Let’s Read aims to give children the skills they will need to learn to read when they start school.

Childhood illnesses | Healthdirect

Mother checking her daughter's fever with digital thermometerBeing sick is part of childhood, and caring for a sick child is part of being a parent. Health Direct have listed common childhood illnessess that may make you worry, and how you can deal with them.

Many childhood diseases, such as common colds, chickenpox, croup and whooping cough, spread easily between family members and at schools. Read on to learn about causes, symptoms, treatments and when to see a doctor.

Be Kind To Animals Week

safe_image3Old MacDonald’s supports Be Kind to Animals Week 2015! Be Kind to Animals Week is about inspiring and empowering students to take positive action for animal welfare and protection.

Inspire and motivate others by telling us about your activity or event.  Contact us and we may put your idea on our Featured Events page!

Safety in the Backyard – Home & Community – Kidsafe NSW Inc.

safe_image4Playing in the backyard today? Here is a helpful resource to make sure your backyard is a safe place to play for your children.

Playing outside in the backyard is a natural pastime for most children. Maintaining a safe outdoor environment is key to keeping children healthy.

Art Blocks for Tots

art-blocks-for-tots-300x300Art Blocks for Tots is a creative hour at the Gallery to find inspiration in the exhibitions and help tots to discover their inner artist. This session includes a fun and hands on art activity in the studio inspired by the current exhibition. Suggested age is 3-6 years.

This event is running from 27 March 2015 until 27 November 2015. It is next occurring on 25 September 2015 10:00 am. Categories: Classes, Family, Kids Upcoming Dates: 25 September 2015 10:00 am 30 October 2015 10:00 am 27 November 2015 10:00 am Come.

Kids Sydney – Sydney for Kids – Family Activities – Time Out Sydney

safe_image5Are you stuck for school holiday ideas? Have a look at some great activites to do around Australia here:

Kids events, family friendly and activities for children in Sydney.

Children’s sleep FAQs | Raising Children Network

safe_image6‘Raising Children’ has compiled a list of FAQs from parents with children that have difficulties sleeping – if your child is having troublesome sleeps, these could help them (and help you sleep at night!)

Answers to 20 frequently asked questions about children’s sleep, sleep problems, sleep difficulties, sleep needs and sleep habits. Article available in: Arabic, Dari, Karen, Persian, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese

Children afraid of starting preschool | Raising Children Network

safe_image7Are you finding that your child does not enjoy being dropped off at preschool? Here are some tips to help your child’s transition into preschool – or you could also ask our friendly staff for some tips!

A discussion of why some children are afraid of starting preschool, with tips for helping children settle in at preschool, and ideas for overcoming anxiety about…

Fun Food

11887833_1644785225733381_7413079821184978164_nHere is a cute and fun FOOD that you can make with your child during cold winter days! These baby pancakes look DELICIOUS!

Great checklist from Kid Safe

11846613_1644784872400083_2013132170758838301_n‘ We have all child-proofed our home, but sometimes it’s the least obvious parts of the home we forget about – check out this great checklist from Kid Safe and let us know if you have any extra tips for parents?

Children and temper tantrums | Raising Children Network

safe_image8Have you found yourself in the middle of a shopping centre when your child begins to have a temper tantrum? Here are some great ways to deal with temper tantrums:

Is your child having temper tantrums? Tantrums are common but can be hard to handle. This guide explains a simple approach to make things easier.