Enrolment and Fees

Selecting a service that is right for you and your child is vital to feeling comfortable and settled when care commences. Staff and educators are here to support the transition from home to the care environment to ensure that it is as smooth as possible. There will be mixed emotions from all parties involved, if at any time there is anything we can do to assist during the settling in process please let us know.

Depending upon your child’s previous experience away from family and their age will determine how they adapt to the new environment. To prepare children with the transition families can:

  • Talk to your child about the centre and what might happen during the day
  • Drive past and drop in so the environment become familiar
  • Include your child in selecting the items needed to start (list is below)

On your child’s first day it is important to establish a routine so they can feel secure. If your child is a little unsettled on the first day, it’s recommended that the first few days are shorter if possible to allow them to adjust to their new environment.

What’s Included

  • An educational based curriculum
  • 5 Incursions per calendar year
  • All meals, snacks and fruit
  • Nappies for children under 3 years
  • S26 Gold Alula formula for children up to 1 year.
  • Cow’s milk for children 1-2years old for bottles.
  • Cancer council approved hats
  • Deb 50+ kids sunscreen
  • A school readiness program embedded in our service starting from our 0-2 years rooms to the 3-5 years rooms when the children transition to their formal school years.

What Families need to supply

All children

  • A labelled school bag
  • Labelled shoes
  • Labelled changes of clothes for both hot and cold weather.
  • Sheets and blankets for rest/ sleep time

Children 6 weeks to 2 years

  • Sterilised, labelled milk bottles.schoolbag
  • Formula if your child does not have S26 Gold.
  • Breastmilk if your child is breastfeed. Please indicate at the time of enrolment that you will be bringing breastmilk so we can discuss the arrangements required.
  • A labelled dummy that is required to be replaced every 2 months according to the manufactures instructions.
  • A teething ring, in a labelled container when required.
  • A labelled drink bottle.